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January 12, 2019

Post 6 of With a tetrode, pentode etc, the definitions are slightly different since more than one grid is present and draws current. So I started tube rolling, and after a year and over 50 different tubes, I found some that hit the mark. A few years ago, after researching different type tubes, I stumbled on to what I thought were some pretty amazing sounding Russian tubes. The filament may not be perfectly spaced from the nickel sleeve, inside the cathode sleeve, causing hot spots etc, thus more emission on some areas of the cathode. As one parameter changes, the other two as well, although it is possible for two parameters to change and the third to remain constant. Stay Thirsty My Friend.

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Differences in Plate resistance?

That was tube rolls over the course of a week. I take that as a given when dealing with a well known and well respected tube vendor. Most all the Philips factory production are fine quality tubes. A few years ago, after researching different type tubes, I stumbled on to what I thought were some pretty amazing sounding Russian tubes. No month matching, but output matched.

6922 Tube Review – 17 Top 6922 6N23P E88CC CCa 7308 E188CC tubes

It had my pulse racing every time. First I checked the tube for its’ Mutual Conductance at the 6. I ran a stock pair GE 6BZ7’s for one song and I would say it would rate in the mid to high 80’s for ave points. They just did not deliver the level of excitement or realism of the 1 tubes, for me. I have used http: This variance may 622 both horizontal and verticle. Tubes excel and generally beat solid state in Musicality and what at tracks folks me for sure to tubes.

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I could not find a factory or date marker on this particular pair, just ‘Made in England’. The 69922 with these was a lack of Musicality and warmth. Discussion in ‘ Computer Audio ‘ started by rbMar 31, Steve HoffmanSep 24, Sort of between the best Holland tubes and the HG’s in the Euphonics department, finishing at 3 in that category. Starting fresh for each new rolling session with a new song — going through the whole lineup, etc How does HP install software and gather data?

Both rare and expensive these days. eet

Do they perform differently? Post 5 of For what it’s worth there is a tube life test that can be preformed on a used tube where the filament voltage is decreased in the same manner as I did in my test above.

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Had the speed and transient presence, but coupled with tube liquidity and warmth. ACHiPo on 27 Jan And another link to some additional on the same site.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Well this sent me down a whole other audio path — where I found much greater h. Clarity The ability of the tube to deliver a clear presentation of the entire frequency spectrum, but most importantly the upper mid-range through the extended highs.

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Same goes for me with the Amperex – it just sounds the best in my buffer – not zingy highs, the midrange is balanced, the bass isn’t bloated or slowed down. Then after each tube I would look at the scoring and make slight adjustments after the entire track was over — sometimes re-listening to that tube if I was unsure. For their ruggedness I use EH tubes for the input and driver tubes. With Secure Boot disabled, your computer is at greater risk from rootkit infections that install themselves before the Windows boot process.