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January 12, 2019

Quite possible I used a simpler rendering than these cards provide. It won’t work in protected mode games that don’t use standard drivers or have direct GUS support ex: I picked up this handsome card recently and it’s the best AudioDrive I’ve found yet. And its GM support is through software. So they should work fine in games.

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Ensoniq may have other versions available as daughterboards. I still have an LAPC So, at best, I’d say use it in tandem with an SB compatible card.

Thanks for the link! I quite like it. They generally offer a cheaper upgrade route.

Further to this we must then understand two more ‘3D terminologies’ – Sum and Difference This site hosts no abandonware. Secondly it adds just enough phase delay, and further delays different parts of the Difference signal so that the sense of “space” and size of the “sweet-spot” is dramatically increased.

OSS Sound Card List

Other than that, I can’t tell any difference in sound quality. Just don’t get the Value Edition! A bit cheaper, and more feature laden than the equivalent Audiio. If it meets its claims, a top choice. Also, they plan to release a RAM capable card in ‘ Off the top of my head, I remember the following: But SB Pro emulation play only 8bit sound, not 16bit.


Now you know you are getting exactly what it was meant to sound like. First it boosts the portion of the audio spectrum which we rely on most for spatial localization cues.

VOGONS • View topic – ESS AudioDrive (ES) – a surprisingly good ISA sound card

My priorities are, in order: Turtle Beach Tropez As of this update, the Tropez still has just es688 released, and reports are barely trickling in. And the drivers take up a lot of precious low memory at least 44K. Plus it has a joystick game port.

Dave Masten dmasten spy.

Can’t load soundfonts in DOS. I gotta get some sleep. This product is designed to provide the wavetable-like sound quality by using the latest technology of ESFM Music Synthesizer delivering true 20 voices, and a rich 72 Operators playback, compared to the traditional 36 operators sound quality which most existing sound cards are delivering nowadays.

While not as yet a gaming advantage, it is fun! While the card is relatively new, reports have been generally positive, most claiming near complete SBP compatibility. I’d expect it to be a fine performer based on Korg’s reputation and sample e688.


ESS ES688 audio card drivers

Users browsing this forum: So consider adding QEMM if you want this card. Its chorus, reverb, Q-sound and RAM sample upload capability make it versatile and better sounding.

To date, the VESA spec hasn’t caught on, so it may, or may not be an advantage. Ideal for end-users and system assemblers, this is an ideal choice for an entry level budget priced sound card.

Reports on sound quality run the gamut. Let me state up front that I am not a soundcard hardware expert, musician, or soundcard “hobbyist,” which may become obvious by whatever gaffs I make.