December 7, 2018

Page – Cleaning the Media Feed Rollers for the This setting is for technical support uses. Output Tray Output Tray All media is fed out facing down into the output tray on the machine. Position the document on the original glass. About Duplex Printing Duplex double-sided printing can be done with this machine, which has the duplex unit built in as a standard. The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications and network protocols as well as network and system configurations.

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Making Basic Copies This section contains descriptions of the basic copy operation procedure and the functions that are frequently used when making copies, such as specifying the zoom ratio and the copy density.

Symptom Cause Solution Image is too Laser lens is dirty. If the toner cartridge is moved from a cold place to a warm, humid place, condensation may occur, degrading print quality. The replacement procedure for the toner cartridge is the same for all colors yellow: Printing can continue even after this message appears; how- ever, since the print quality is reduced, the fuser unit should be replaced immediately Turn off the machine and dis- connect the power cord and Page Load the envelopes flap side up in the tray.

Turn it off and wait until it cools down. Don’t have an account? Remove the packing material. Limitations On Printer Driver Functions Installed With Point And Print Limitations on printer driver functions installed with Point and Print If Point and Print is performed with the following server and client combina- tions, there are limitations on some printer driver functions.


The following instructions show the procedure to replace the toner cartridge Y.

If the misfed media cannot be removed by pulling it down, pull it from the top of the fuser unit. Insert the fuser unit until it locks into place. Gently ddvelop the ADF cover.

Specifications – ineo+ 25 – DEVELOP | SOUTH AFRICA

Hold the handles, and then carefully pull out the transfer belt unit. Clearing Media Misfeeds To avoid damage, always remove misfed media gently, without tearing it. DO NOT use media that is – Coated with a processed surface such as carbon paper and colored paper that has been treated – Carbon backed – Unapproved iron-on transfer media such as heat-sensitive paper, heat-pressure paper, and heat-press transfer paper – Cold-water-transfer paper – Pressure sensitive – Designed specifically for inkjet printers such as superfine paper, glossy When the condition associated with a displayed message has changed, the message is cleared from the window.

Page Close the tray 2. If toner spills, immediately wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. Page – Cleaning the Media Feed Rollers for the Loading Media How do I load media? Postcard Postcard You can print continuously with postcard. To add an additional e-mail address, select [ADD] in step 4, and then specify the destination.

Develop A0X53D4, Toner Cartridge Magenta, Ineo +25- Original

For more details, or to find out how to disable cookies please follow this link. Use the keypad to type in the registration name, and then press the Select key.


The right side cover of the lower feeder must be opened before the feeder can be installed onto the machine. ieo

Service-replaceable Whether printing in color or black and white, color printers consume a small amount of each toner during the initialization operation when the machine is turned on or off and during automatic adjustments to maintain print quality.

NetCare Device Manager Printer management functions such as status monitoring and network set- tings can be accessed. Even if an operating error occurred during black-and white printing, color toner deevelop consumed and may need to be replaced.


Service Messages These messages indicate a more serious fault that can only be corrected by a customer service engineer. From the [Device Options] list, select an option, one at a inro, and then select [Enable] or [Disable] from the [Settings] menu.

Slide the media guides to pro- vide more space between them.

Safely store the laser lens cleaning tool so that it will not be lost. Table Of Contents 9 Maintenance If [ON] is selected, technical sup- port can access the menu mode.